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Electronic Transcript Exchange

What is Electronic Transcript Exchange?

Electronic Transcript Exchange is a highly secure service that enables participating high schools and other educational institutions to exchange electronic transcripts via the Clearinghouse secure network.

Can Electronic Transcript Exchange help me provide improved service to students?

Yes, because your students' transcripts can be immediately accessed by other educational institutions, such as colleges.

What benefits can my office realize by participating in Electronic Transcript Exchange?

You'll realize many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Speed transcript delivery
  • Reduce the cost and time involved in printing and sending paper transcripts
  • Deliver transcripts in a safer format than paper
  • Decrease transcript fraud

Electronic Transcript Exchange features include:

  • Ease of use for senders and recipients
  • Support of all file formats
  • Multiple secure send/receive options
  • Automatic validation of senders and recipients
  • Ability to track transcript delivery status and receipt
How does Electronic Transcript Exchange work?

When you sign up for Electronic Transcript Exchange, you select the format(s) you want to use to send and/or receive electronic files. If you like, you can authorize multiple offices to receive transcripts, which will each receive a unique Electronic Transcript Exchange identification number. All participating schools are listed on our Electronic Transcript Exchange Registry, along with their identification number and the file type(s) they accept.

When you are ready to send a transcript, you simply sign onto your Clearinghouse secure account, upload the file, and specify the recipient (consult the registry to obtain the recipient's identification number and file type). Each time you successfully upload a file, you will receive a confirmation email. When someone sends a transcript to you, you will receive an email with a secure link where you can log on and retrieve the file.

What do we do if we sent a transcript to the incorrect account?

Contact the Clearinghouse as soon as possible. If the recipient hasn't yet retrieved the transcript, we can recall the transcript for you.

How do we confirm the transcript was received?

You can log on to your secure account to view the status of any transcript file you've uploaded.

Can a transcript be retrieved more than once? What if it is not retrieved?

A transcript can be downloaded an unlimited number of times by the recipient. The recipient can also delete the file at any time. Files are permanently deleted after 90 days, whether they have been downloaded or not. A copy of each file is also stored in the recipient's archive folder, where it is permanently deleted after 180 days.

Does the Clearinghouse keep copies of transcript files?

No. Transcript files are only stored in the recipient's secure account and are automatically deleted after 180 days.

What file formats are supported?

Electronic Transcript Exchange supports all file formats, including:

  • All system or statewide standard data record formats
  • All graphical formats, which look like your paper-based transcripts
Does Electronic Transcript Exchange meet industry and national standards?


Is any programming required?


Can we import transcript data into our student information system?

Yes, if you select a file format that is compatible with your system.

Is Electronic Transcript Exchange secure?

Yes. Authorized senders and recipients are validated before a transcript is exchanged. In addition, the Clearinghouse uses the highest industry security standards for all of its services. We also take active defensive measures that limit the risk of lost or stolen data.

Does Electronic Transcript Exchange comply with FERPA?

Yes. All Clearinghouse services are designed to facilitate an institution's compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), The Higher Education Act, and other applicable laws.

How much does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to send or receive transcripts.